Mental Health

Small Group for Women

The Problem

People who suffer from mental illness as well as those who support/ care for the mentally ill, are faced with a painful and isolating stigma. Both coping with mental health challenges and caring for those with mental health challenges can be taxing, tiring and time consuming. Self care for all involved is essential to satisfaction and peace.


Codependency,shame, isolation, hopelessness, feeling lost in the mental health system, feeling unsupported and misunderstood.; self- blame; judged.

The Solution

Jesus as our Higher Power enables us to grow in courage, faith and understanding; trusting His sovereignty  in our lives & that of our loved ones.

Reliance on God for strength, endurance, and hope gives us the freedom to stand against stigma.God provides us with the tools to walk in compassion for others and patience in their learning process.

We will learn how to:


  • accept our loved one / ourself as we are
  • grieve over the lost dream of who I thought I or my loved one would be
  • set and maintain appropriate boundaries and mutual respect
  • to build supportive, understanding relationships with caring people
  • living a balanced life where one’s own  health, joy and peace are primary concerns
  • learning to trust others as we learn to be transparent
  • offer support and encouragement for our loved ones to be as independant as possible
  • be honest with our feelings, our experiences  and each other
  • learn to build self value based on God’s word and opinion of us